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Special Collection Roses


New For 2019

High Country Roses always enjoys adding new roses to our collection and 2019 is no exception. Some of these plants are new releases and other are old favorites - all are new to High Country Roses in 2019.

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Fairmount Cemetary Roses

At the time of its founding in 1890, Denver's historic Fairmount Cemetery was the largest developed landscape west of the Mississippi River. The Cemetery is home to hundreds of Old Garden Roses. Though their original names are lost, the roses continue to thrive. This is a small sampling of some of those roses.

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Thornless Roses

Most roses protect themselves with an arsenal of thorns and prickles. Here are a few nearly thornless varieties that are more hospitable.

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Shade Tolerant Roses

Roses prefer at least six hours of full sun a day to bloom well. Here in the arid, high elevation west, some afternoon shade can be helpful, but in general, try to locate your roses where they can receive sun most of the day. These are a few varieties that are more tolerant of shade, but even these roses need at least four hours of sun daily.

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Hip Producing Roses

If you don't trim the spent blooms off your roses they will develop seeds, which are carried in hips. Some varieties develop especially large and showy hips, brightly colored in orange and red. These hips add interest in the winter, attract wildlife and can be used in recipes (they're high in vitamin C).

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Fragrant Roses

People often ask us which roses are the most fragrant. While most Old Garden Roses are richly scented, these varieties represent some of our favorites.

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Roses with Complimentary Fall Coloration

Naturally, most of us think of the blooms as the major attraction on a rose bush. We hope you'll find that many of our roses have great fall colors too.

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Drought Tolerant Roses

Environmental and soil conditions can vary greatly and affect the amount of water your plants need. Here are some varieties able to withstand and thrive on a little less water.

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