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History of Roses


The History of Roses

The development of the rose is closely tied to the history of civilization, from prehistoric time through the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages and the Victorian Era to the present. Old Garden Roses are defined as those introduced to cultivation prior to 1867 and include early European roses as well as the original rose species found in nature. Their extraordinary forms and fragrances are often matched by great vigor and hardiness. Modern Roses were developed by crossing European roses with China and Tea Roses from the Far East, which, though more tender, brought the characteristics of repeat bloom and greater color selection to rose breeding. We specialize in the early roses, as well as many of the exceptionally hardy shrub roses developed in recent years which provide the wonderful qualities of low maintenance, repeat bloom and high landscape value.

Our website provides information on our 270+ varieties, including many cold-hardy roses developed by Agriculture Canada and a selection of smaller landscape shrubs for gardeners interested in more compact varieties and lots of colorful, repeat bloom.